The consulate provides several services including immigration, tourism and business contacts to several organisations, the public and governments on behalf of The Kingdom of eSwatini.

Visas and Passports
Travelling to the Kingdom of eSwatini, one requires a passport or a travelling document.
Citizens of certain countries require visas to gain entry into country. The visa application form contains a list of such countries.

Entry Taxes
When travelling to eSwatini by road, there is a road tax of R50.00 per foreign registered vehicle at the boader post when travelling by road.

We provide immigration services for foreigner and Swazi citizens who intend to travel to the Kingdom. These services include issuing of visas, emergency passports and eSwatini’s immigration laws.

For Visa applications please download the file below:

Visa Application Form

eSwatini is made up of the most scenic mountains and valleys in the west, they are complemented by the plateau to the east of the country. The rugged rivers and trails has made our country a favorite for backpacking and off-road activities…..
​The link below provides most of the tourism information regarding eSwatini.