Activities & Attractions

Blessed with bountiful beauty, Eswatini is an African experience like no other. The rich, vibrant and breath-taking views of its mountains, its savannahs, and warm people will leave you spell bound with this wondrous Kingdom. You are welcome to walk through the traditions and the cultural rituals that colour the Swazis with pride.

There are a number of native things to do and place-to-see in this picturesque Kingdom of Africa which include exciting adventure activities ranging from bird watching, trails safaris, fishing, walking, hiking, horse riding, mountain climbing, biking and marvelling the ancient bushman rock paintings.

All of the many towns in Eswatini are a haven of their own beauty and unique charm. In each town or area tourists can immerse themselves in the traditions and the culture experiencing first-hand how the Swazis go through their everyday life. The booming tourism means that there are many accommodation options to suite your needs. There are bed and breakfasts, historic Game Farm lodging, self-catering accommodation and even luxury hotel accommodation for a little piece of heaven in Africa.


Appealing to every kind of traveller, the Eswatini experience caters to the avid adventurer, thrill seekers, adrenalin junkies, and safari enthusiasts who are looking for the authentic African getaway.


Being one of the most scenic destinations in Africa, Eswatini’s’ diverse landscape is best viewed from the top. Take on one of the country’s celebrated hiking trails to get a birds-eye view of the country’s topography – from its rolling hill sides, teeming savannahs and its lush mountain ranges and charming villages.


This is for the adventurous at heart. As one of the leading Eswatini Activities on offer, the raging rapids are an experience to try out. All you need for this experience is a spirit of adventure. You do not require any training, experience and you need not even be a swimmer. There is only one guarantee – You will have tons of fun! For any traveler seeking a true Swazi adventure experience, white water rafting on the Great Usutu River is not to be missed.


The many attractions available in Eswatini have been planned to take full advantage of the country’s awe-inspiring beauty, and this is no exception. The only true way to leisurely enjoy the scenery is on horseback. It is the ideal way to experience the calm and serenity of the country, and take in the unmatched beauty that defines the land.


Birds always thrive in the most beautiful places, places where water rapids, natural river dams and the views are mesmerizing! The Blue Lagoon Leisure Park, found in the south of Eswatini within the malaria free Thunzini farm along the Mahosha river valley, also south of Nhlangano town in Eswatini, is one of the most populous bird-watching sites. It provides a camping site and a mobile home park within the indigenous forest where you can only hear the sound of birds and the running water.

Mountain Climbing

It is from the sweeping mountain ranges in Eswatini that you will experience the panoramic views for which the country is famous. From these great heights, take in the rural villages, diverse flora and rustic charm of the kingdom. There are splendid walking and hiking trails to be found in the Malolotia Nature Reserve, situated in the Swazi highlands.

Safari and Game Parks

Eswatini is privileged to have the Big Five as part of its African repertoire, which are best viewed in their protected natural habitat, the region’s game parks and reserves and Eswatini is in no short supply. We have the Mkhaya Game Reserve, Hlane Royal National Park, Malolotia Nature Reserve and the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. These parks enable visitors to explore indigenous fauna and flora at close range.


The Kingdom of Eswatini is without a doubt an exciting country with a vast range of places to see, from yesteryears’ Bushmen (San) paintings, to the arts and crafts, to magnificent waterfalls, to the illuminating Swazi Candles. Not to be missed are the Game Parks and the cultural experiences to be found in Eswatini.


The capital, Mbabane is located within a mountainous area and construction has been mindful resulting in a small and very scenic city. Visitors to Mbabane can walk freely through its streets, with the Mbabane Market, The Swazi Plaza and The Hub shopping areas providing a nice introduction to modern urban culture in Eswatini and also Mbabane is the safest capital city for tourists.

Sibebe Rock

Outside Mbabane is Pine valley which offers access to Sibebe Rock. It is the world’s largest exposed granite dome and second biggest rock after Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia. Sibebe offers some stunning vistas across the Manzini region all the way to the Lubombo Mountains in the east as well as unique plant, animal and bird life. You may even be lucky enough to see the enchanting spectacle of the herds of wild horses that live on the grassy plains atop Sibebe.


The 18-hole Royal Swazi Sun Championship Golf Course and hotel is one of the crown jewels of tourism in Eswatini.

The 18-hole Royal Swazi Sun Championship Golf Course and hotel is a feature to be explored

Located south of the capital of Mbabane, which is home to the largest concentration of tourism facilities in Eswatini, is the grand Ezulwini Valley. The siSwati word for paradise or heaven is Ezulwini, and it is for this reason it is named. This is one of Eswatinis’ most beautiful valleys flanked by the sacred Mdzimba Mountain to the east and the Luphohlo and Lugogo Mountain faces the west which over look this Eden.

The western lands are proclaimed as a nature reserve and are managed by Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, whose horse and walking trails reach right up from the main visitor areas of the park in the south, up to the northern highveld. Although it has some homesteads in some areas, these lands are protected by Swazi culture. They are the resting place of Swazi Kings and members of the royal family, who are entombed in granite caves.


The sanctuary’s grasslands stretch up onto the majestic Nyonyane Mountain – a true outdoor lovers’ paradise. It is in the pertinently named Ezulwini Valley – ‘Valley of Heaven’, which is one of the many great nature spots in Eswatini. Open to all at all hours, its activities include horse-riding, mountain-biking, walking trails, Land Rover game-drives, and swimming facilities and provide the greatest gastronomic experiences.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

As the headquarters of the Big Game Parks organisation it is a splendid example of the greatest authentic African experience. It is located roughly between Manzini and the capital, Mbabane; as a result it is a popular day visit for guests around the area. The walking trails include the Macobane Trail, the Nyonyane Mountain Trail and the Hippo Trail. The latter is perfect for family walks, as it is a relatively flat circular trek of about 6.3km and has very diverse scenery.

Hlane Royal National Park

Covering over 30,000 hectares, Hlane with an abundance of 1000 year old hardwood foliage is a park that was named by King Sobhuza II. Visiting this place you will find a lot of wildlife; many bird species which includes the highest concentration of nesting white backed vultures in Africa, elephants, lions, and the rare white rhinos.

Guided walking safaris, open Land Rover, or even by mountain bike are most popular methods to see Hlane. The tremendous roar of Hlanes’ magnificent lions – the symbol of royalty and the pride of Eswatini is one of the most surreal and gratifying experiences.


One of the iconic African images, the black rhino & white rhino may be seen here far more reliably than anywhere else in Southern Africa

Black rhino & white rhino, may possibly be seen here far more reliably than anywhere else in Southern Africa

Mkhaya serves as a nature sanctuary for the great elephant, black rhino, white rhino, roan and sable antelope, tsessebe, and many other endangered indigenous species. Mkhaya takes its name from the Acacia nigrescens tree.

Although the reserve helps in the preservation of many kinds of animals presently, it was actually created in 1979 to save a particular breed of cattle (the Nguni) from extinction.

Through open Land Rovers drives or by guided walking tours, you can discover in abundance the wildlife that is in Eswatini. There are many watering holes which serve as excellent game viewing points to take in the beauty of Eswatini.